best friends – modern jewelry with the best friends* collection - modern jewelry - anthologie quartett is moving the concept into jewelry as well (*even back in the 1950s, marilyn monroe was sure diamonds were a cut above the others when she sang ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friends’) pieces are made by hand in gold, silver, platinum or iron together with high quality stone and pearls in addition to the contemporary designs, which are in the majority, there is also a small number of re-editions, that were not originally made for best friends, but are of importance for the history of modern jewelry (otto künzli, ettore sottsass) best friends has produced over the years a number of solitaires, major individual works from different creators but parallel extensive theme collections were also ordered from individual designers: garouste & bonetti - fantastic designs in gold, platinum and precious gems; garouste & bonetti - fer de berlin (iron jewelry); tina aparisi - mirador, florally inspired jewelry in gold, silver and enamel best friends was able to gain more than thirty designers for the button between jewelry and function exhibition, all working on the seemingly banal theme of the button